The Importance Of A Health Care Proxy


Do you know what a health care proxy is? Do you know why it’s so important to designate one, especially during a time like this?

In this Facebook Live interview, part of our ongoing coverage of COVID-19 with our friends at Florida Blue Medicare, Growing Bolder Founder Marc Middleton chats with attorney and certified financial planner Helen Von Dolteren-Fournier, J.D., CFP®, about Florida elder law. She shares resources you need to know about in order to navigate through this difficult time.

Von Dolteren-Fournier, of AEGIS Advisors, specializes in making sense and (and cent$!) out of life planning strategies for everyone concerned. She is dedicated to making the complex appear simple and to providing the sound legal and financial counsel that is required in every phase of a successful life management plan.

Helen’s practice focuses on the holistic view of life planning and works toward making the mind understand what the heart feels.

Below are some helpful resources Helen discusses during the interview:

Emergency Contact for FL Drivers License

HIPAA Release Authority

The Florida Bar

Florida Health Finder

American Bar Association

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