The Reconnection of Generations


During this period of separation have you missed interacting with people of all ages and generations? Are you looking for ways to stay connected and bridge the gap between yourself and those that are decades younger? As part of our ongoing coverage of COVID-19, with our friends at Florida Blue Medicare, Growing Bolder touches base with Corita Brown, the Director of Innovation & Learning at, to learn more about the ways we can all work towards a better intergenerational connection. was founded on the belief that the aging of America isn’t so much a problem to be solved as it is an opportunity to be seized. For 20 years, it’s worked to change cultural expectations for the years beyond 50 and spark a movement around second acts for the greater good.

Brown has over 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector where she has successfully built the capacity of diverse teams in the nonprofit, community development and philanthropic realms to develop multigenerational leadership, build cross-sector collaborations and design policies, practices and programs to support intergenerational engagement.

Brown holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology and Adult Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a PhD in Urban Studies from Temple University.

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