Wendy Chioji: ‘Attitude is Everything’

Growing Bolder contributor and Surviving & Thriving host Wendy Chioji is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, an adventurer racer, a world traveler, and a two-time cancer survivor in the midst of another battle against the disease. Yet it hasn’t stopped her from living life boldly. Find out why she calls worrying “wasted energy.”

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Celebrating the Legacy of Michael Graves

Celebrated architect and designer Michael Graves spent the final decade of his life in a wheelchair, and it profoundly affected his focus. The Design Tourist Karen LeBlanc conducted one of the final interviews with Graves and she explains his commitment to creating barrier-free accessible design for seniors and those with disabilities.

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Special Edition of Growing Bolder: Conquering Kilimanjaro

We’re proud to present this special edition of our daily TV show, Growing Bolder, to take you behind-the-scenes of our first documentary, Conquering Kilimanjaro. In this 30-minute special, we’ll show you why GB Founder and CEO Marc Middleton chose to say yes to this adventure to not only climb the mountain but to shoot a film along the way.

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James Patterson

James Patterson is one of the world’s top selling authors with more than 300 million books sold, and he’s passionate about inspiring readers of all ages.

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Dr. Robert Masson

Dr. Masson’s Mission to Thrive

World-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Masson is a passionate advocate for what he calls extreme recovery. It’s a philosophy he proved himself when he scaled the world’s tallest freestanding mountain just months after major surgery. He offers tips for taking control of your own health.

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Oleda Baker Sets the Record Straight

We check in via Skype with Team GB Elite blogger Oleda Baker to find out how she feels about her upcoming 80th birthday. And she’s heard what the naysayers have had to say about her appearance. Has she had a facelift? She tells all.

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