Growing Bolder TV Show’s Audience Soaring


ORLANDO (July 8, 2021) – “Growing Bolder,” a TV program shown throughout the nation on public broadcasting stations, is experiencing phenomenal growth, based on a new report that shows the popular show now reaches 95% of American households.

“We have an authentic and inspiring message that resonates with viewers of all ages. It’s as simple as that,”  said “Growing Bolder” host and CEO Marc Middleton, an Emmy Award-winning, veteran broadcaster. ”We’re a team of journalists dedicated to overcoming an ageist culture that leads many to fear what can be the best years of their life.”

“Growing Bolder” is now in production for its eighth season distributed by American Public Television. The show, which has found tremendous success in the 50-plus audience, went from airing in 59% of the TV markets nationally in 2019 to 95% in 2021.

In addition to its powerful storytelling of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, Selena Lauterer, president of Artemis Independent, which tracks program carriage nationally, said, “There are a few key factors that boosted ‘Growing Bolder’s’ carriage. The incredible airdates in Florida, the steady and dependable rollouts of multiple seasons, the strength of the shows, building on previous seasons, the public TV core audience appeal, and the amplification of the Create Channel.”

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Middleton said he was delighted at the report but not surprised. He left a successful career in news broadcasting at the height of his popularity at WESH-Channel 2, after realizing that TV programming was overlooking an important demographic – adults over 55.

“The opportunities for older adults have never been greater and more exciting,” Middleton said. “There’s a new life stage filled with the potential for passion and purpose. If we make the right lifestyle choices, we have to opportunity to live active lives for decades beyond what’s considered normal retirement age. This is great news for everyone, at every age, at any time.”

Under Middleton’s leadership, the Growing Bolder enterprise has become a leading global voice for older adults. In addition to its TV and radio programs, the company also hosts a popular podcast and a lifestyle magazine with more than 200,000 subscribers. Growing Bolder also has a large online audience with over 300 million views.

Growing Bolder is a multimedia company based in Orlando, Florida. The company, founded by Emmy-winner Marc Middleton in 2007, includes a TV program carried nationally on PBS stations, a radio program on NPR affiliates, a podcast and a popular lifestyle magazine.

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