She’s 96 and Still Teaching Yoga

Adela Choquet is 96 years old and STILL teaching yoga several times a week. We first met her five years ago, and wait until you see how fit and fabulous she is. Her goal is to keep teaching until at least 100, and somehow, we think she can do it!

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Twirling to a New Beat

We’re big fans of The Villages Twirlers, a baton performance team in The Villages, Florida. They partied at Walt Disney World, and proved that girls just wanna have fun. Now, they are marching to the beat of some new drummers!

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Fine Feathered Friends

There may be more Red Hat chapters in The Villages, Florida than any other city in the world. We drop in on a Queens meeting to check out their Hattitude and let them know we’ll help spread their message. Click on the player above to watch.

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A Peek Into the Future

While we’re all milking every mile from our gas tanks, there is one community in America that seems unconcerned about the price of gas. In a strange way, The Villages, Florida is one of the most progressive communities in the world.

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Jim Rentz

Nowadays, with iPods and phones with MP3 players taking over the music world, radios and cassette tapes are falling to the wayside. But Jim Rentz won’t let that happen just yet!

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