GB Now Ep 7: Officer Clemmons


In this episode of Growing Bolder What’s Next, we’re listening and learning. In the wake of one of the most historic weeks in our nation’s history, we are hosting a candid conversation about race. Lending their experiences, wisdom and heart are Dr. Francois Clemmons, who portrayed Officer Clemmons on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and GB friends and contributors Secily Wilson and Dr. Jim Smith Jr. It’s a powerful, unfiltered and unscripted hour of real talk. Listen, learn and get inspired to help us all move forward toward a better tomorrow together.

What’s Next airs every Friday at 10 am EDT on Facebook and YouTube.

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Click here to learn more about Secily’s nonprofit, WOW — Women Overcoming With Willpower.

Click here to visit Dr. Smith’s website.

Click here to visit Dr. Clemmons’ site and to learn more about his new book, “Officer Clemmons: A Memoir.”