GB Now Ep 1: GB Now With Marc and Bill


So, what’s next? Growing Bolder’s What’s Next with Marc and Bill is what’s next! Welcome to the first episode of our new LIVE weekly show, hosted by GB’s Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer.

Each week, we’ll gather the best of what’s online, plus dip into the Growing Bolder library for stories to entertain, inspire and motivate you to chase your own What’s Next. We’ll also be calling on some of our friends around the world to pop in and pump you up.

The show airs every Friday at 10 am EDT on Facebook and YouTube. Enjoy the debut episode in its entirely above.

Below are the stories and links mentioned in this week’s episode. Got a story you think we should include? Send us an email!

Thank you for joining us on this new adventure. So … what’s next?

Episode #1 Stories

Just Keep Moving

How Roger McGuinn is Going Green

‘The Time is Now to Stop Climate Armageddon’

Blue Zones Founder Dan Buettner’s Tips for Longevity

A Pep Talk from Dr. Jim Smith Jr.

How Many Instruments Can Mrs. Langston Play?

Build a Quarantine Box Slide