Alan Grayson


It’s not easy for a newcomer to be noticed in the nation’s capital. That has not been a problem for Alan Grayson, the freshman congressman from Florida.

Some people love him, and some don’t. He’s made friends and enemies on both sides of the aisle. In this day where partisan politics run rampant, Grayson plays by his own set of rules.

He was born into poverty in Brooklyn. He had health issues as a child and says if it wasn’t for health care he probably would have died. But one thing he’s done certainly showed great vision.

More than 20 years ago, he saw the coming age wave so clearly he founded the Alliance for Aging Research and has served as an officer ever since. The issues that face baby boomers and beyond have long been a priority of Grayson’s.

Now that he’s turned 50, he himself has become proof that it’s never too late to make a difference.