Betty Lopez


Brain health and longevity experts say keeping mentally engaged is key as we age. Some people take that lesson to heart.

Betty Lopez recently achieved a lifelong dream by graduating with a bachelor’s degree — with honors — at the age of 87. And it wasn’t easy — she had to overcome some extraordinary challenges along the way.

She explains why she retired after working for more than 20 years as a nurse to pursue a degree in paralegal studies. Find out why she was looking for a career that could last her for many more years.

During that time, she also cared for an ailing husband, lost three close relatives and had serious health challenges herself, all while maintaining her 3.52 GPA.

Betty tell us it’s not in her make-up to give up.

“If you give up, you end up doing nothing,” she says. “I want to keep going until I can’t go anymore.”

Find out why she’s going to keep going and going by pursuing even more training.