5 Questions With Silicon Valley’s Oldest Employee

Barbara Beskind smashes stereotypes every time she goes to work. At 94, she is by far the oldest member of the world-famous, human-centered design team IDEO in Silicon Valley. Some of IDEO’s designs include Apple’s first mouse and the Pilates machine. Many of Beskind’s co-workers are 60 or even 70 years younger, but they’re soaking up her life experiences.

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Josh Kaufman

The more things you explore, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy life longer. Researcher Josh Kaufman offers proof it’s never too late to learn new skills, take up new hobbies and even master something new. Find out how old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

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Betty Lopez

“I want to keep going until I can’t go anymore,” says Betty Lopez, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. Find out why she went back to her colleges in her 80s and graduated — with honors — with a bachelor’s in paralegal studies!

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Ken Dychtwald

Are you in your middlescence? One of the world’s top experts on all things aging says now more than ever, it’s important that you learn how to stay relevant throughout your entire life.

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Bill Dueease

In life, making a change is not easy, but that’s where life coach Bill Dueease comes in! He says there’s a difference between wanting and doing, but he can help people follow through with their dreams.

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Ruth Edwards

Ruth Edwards says lifelong learning programs are teaching plenty of “old dogs” new tricks and many of the students are learning more than they ever have.

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