Ken Dychtwald


Author Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., was one of the first people to truly understand what a profound impact the age wave would have on society. In the early 1970s, he realized most people had an attitude toward people of a certain age and understood that the image of people in their later years was about to change in a revolutionary way.

Back then, retirement was nothing more than managing money and planning vacations. But now that so many are staying healthy longer, the key to today’s retirement is staying relevant and having a purpose in life.

Ken has produced documentaries and written 15 best-selling books on every imaginable aspect of aging. He’s coined a phrase for people who are not young, but not elderly either. He calls it middlescence.

His views are inspiring, empowering and embracing. He is determined to get his message out to people of all ages and he’s intent on convincing us that our individual futures are changing right before our eyes. Ken says that the opportunities that go along with age are constantly expanding.

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