Sherrie Mathieson


Sherrie Mathieson rocketed to success as a fashion stylist to the stars, and now she’s turned her attention to helping everyday women understand how to achieve the look they want, and cut down on their fashion mistakes. She says, “you have to know how to do style well before you can do fashion well.”

Sherrie has worked in film, television and commercials, and she has clientele of all ages and all personal styles. But it’s her unique way of looking at baby boomers that sets her apart from all the rest. And now, she has done it again. She’s followed up her first book which was aimed squarely at men and women over 50 called “Forever Cool.” It was groundbreaking in its focus on boomers, and her latest book takes that to the next level.

In “Steal This Style,” Sherrie bridges the generations, showing women over the age of 40 how to take the best and most appropriate ideas from the younger generation and use them to look vibrant, active and fashionable. Real moms and their adult daughters appear together in outfits that are perfect compliments to both. “Steal This Style” incorporates photos of more than 20 different women of all shapes, sizes and looks, so the reader gets a clear picture of exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Sherrie tells Growing Bolder, “I wanted it to be more of a lesson for the mom, but it’s great for the daughter, as well, because she gets a lot of hints about what she should wear for the long haul. What is classic, what styles will work, not only in terms of her present age, but for years and years to come.”

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