Bhava Ram


For decades, TV watchers knew Brad Wilis for his on-location reporting from the world’s trouble spots for NBC News. During his career, he won the prestigious duPont award for his work inside Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation.

His career ended abruptly when he broke his back and a failed surgery left him permanently disabled and in a body brace.

It only got worse from there. He was later diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer related to exposure to uranium in the Gulf War.

He was told by doctors to get his affairs in order because he had little chance of survival.

He could have given up but instead he got up and cured himself with an amazing transformation.

In 2004, he changed his name to Bhava Ram and he’s now written a book called “Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life.”

Find out the emotional moment that encouraged him to keep fighting and started him on this journey to wellness. He explains how his yoga practice didn’t start out all that great but how it evolved the longer he stuck with it.

Plus, Bhava explains the steps he took to reclaim his health, rather than allowing it to just happen to him.

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