Bob Rafkin


Take a moment to listen to Bob Rafkin’s music. It will be immediately apparent you have found something special.

His superb level of artistry and fascinating life’s journey gives his music a richness rarely heard.

Rafkin is an instrumentalist, a storyteller, a soul searcher and a humanist. He’s an artist who paints with the strings of his guitar and his philosophy of thought.

Success, in monetary terms has eluded him. Fame and celebrity have never found him. Rafkin talks about this dichotomy, the disappointments it has brought, and the personal satisfaction he  has learned to accept.

The Growing Bolder philosophy says that it’s never too late. And we believe it’s never too late to discover the music of this masterful artist and storyteller.

To learn more about Bob Rafkin:

Watch this story for an overview of this wonderful artist.

Watch and listen to him play some of his favorites.