Cecilia Brauer


Cecilia Brauer is living proof that having a passion for the arts is a key to living a long and active life.

Cecilia is a very successful musician who has been a member of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra since 1972, where she has played the celeste. However, from 1993 to 2001, she was the official pianist in the orchestra on concert tours.

In 1991, she added a new instrument to her repertoire — the glass armonica. Invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761, it’s one of the most unusual instruments in the world. Find out how she got interested in this fascinating instrument and in the process, became one of the only musicians in the world who knows how to play it.

Now 90, Cecilia credits her longevity and continued vitality with her passion for music. She also explains how her outlook on life and staying physically and mentally active helps keep her healthy. Listen to our conversation and get inspired about what’s possible in life.

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