Charley Pride


Charley Pride was in no short supply of talent. He’s a country music legend who dreamed of being in the Major League Baseball hall of fame. But it wasn’t his lack of talent that stopped him – it was the color of his skin.

Pride, did make it into the country music hall of fame, however, and had an amazing 36 No. 1 hits. But it was baseball that had his heart from an early age. One of 11 children, he left home at 16 to chase his dreams and played in the Negro League.

While he was playing baseball, he would sing and play guitar on the team bus. Despite not being able to play in the Major Leagues, country music didn’t see color.

But just a few months ago, Pride finally got his wish. Major League Baseball held a ceremonial draft in honor of Negro players who never got to play.

He talks with Growing Bolder about his more than successful music career and how it felt to be drafted by the Texas Rangers.