Dana Falsetti


For years, Dana Falsetti battled binge eating, fad diets, “fat camps” and bouts of depression and anxiety. She suffered from a very low self-esteem and was just about to give up on ever finding peace and happiness. Then, she found a path to inner peace through yoga and her life began to change dramatically.

Now she is a plus-size yogi, a magazine cover girl, a social media star and a great inspiration to many people across the world.

She explains how it took her more than 20 years to realize losing weight could not lead to happiness and fulfillment. Dana shares how she turned to yoga as a last resort one summer and within weeks, it had changed her entire outlook on life.

Dana says the first couple weeks were awful but class by class, she felt her outlook and her body start to change. She offers advice to others looking for their own fresh start. Her thoughts on finding your self-worth and confidence will inspire you to keep working toward a happier and healthier outlook on life.

Click here to visit Dana’s website to see more gorgeous photos of her yoga practice and to learn more about her story and the yoga classes she leads.