Susan Silver


Writer Susan Silver had a profound effect on some of the greatest TV comedies in history, including Mary Tyler Moore, MaudeThe Bob Newhart Show and Love, American Style.

What makes her even more remarkable is the fact that at that time, the rest of the writers were men. She was one of very few women to push her way through, against the odds, and to make a major and undeniable contribution to the shows she worked on. She is still creative, hosting the podcasts Susan Says and Oh, Come On. She’s also a favorite for news programs, such as the Today show, and talk shows when they want to talk about the subject of Boomers coping with all of life’s many changes.

Now she’s back on Growing Bolder to talk about several topics, including her recent “brush with mortality” — a cancer diagnosis. She explains how humor helped her cope with the disease and offers advice for those who, like her, never thought they’d survive a major scare like that.

She shares the hilarious list of things she came up with that you should NEVER do during a hospital stay.