Dave Barry


He’s been called the “funniest man in America,” but Dave Barry just knows the secret to growing up and growing old — don’t take life too seriously.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist has gotten where he is today by avoiding the stereotypical attitude that accompanies getting older. Instead, he’s become a great success through continuing to have fun and try crazy things. He said he’s discovered something important about life — even though you may be getting older chronologically doesn’t mean you ARE old.

He’s even in a rock band, the Rock Bottom Remainders, where the goal is not necessarily to make the best music but rather to have fun. With members like author Scott Turow and humorist Roy Blount Jr. as bandmates, Dave says the one thing they have in common is their lack of musical talent.

In his latest book, “I’ll Mature When I’m Dead,” Dave discusses this remarkable philosophy on life and how his life will never be anywhere near boring.

Editor’s Note: In this interview, you’ll hear Dave describing a recent karaoke night with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn. Roger’s wife Camilla recently posted a blog about Roger’s performance with the Rock Bottom Remainders and she gives us the inside story on their Tiny Desk concert at NPR. Click here to read her blog.