David Foreman


How many times have you been all psyched up for a diet, get off to a great start and start feeling like this may be the time you actually make it over the hump … and then the cravings start. 

It’s always the cravings that end up sending us right off the rails.

One pharmacist says there actually IS a way to get around them.

David Foreman is an herbal pharmacist and an expert on the healing power of vitamins, herbs and natural supplements. He’s not one of those guys who is against mainstream medicine but he is convinced that natural health can make a huge difference.

He debunks some common myths about cravings (no, you don’t NEED chocolate because it’s “good for you”) and he offers up four tips to combat cravings. 

Click here to learn more about David’s combating cravings tips on his site, herbalpharmacist.com.