Drowning in Data – Daniel J. Levitin


We’re living in the information age. Know what that means for your brain? On a daily basis, you’re taking in 5 times as much information than you did 25 years ago. That’s the equivalent of reading 75 newspapers every day.

We are drowning in data with expectations to make more complex and faster decisions than ever before.

Daniel Levitin, Ph.D., says you will never be able to cope without making some fundamental changes in the way you think.

He’s an award-winning neuroscientist who is also an accomplished musician. As a studio session player and sound engineer, he has worked with artists like Rosanne Cash, David Byrne and Stevie Wonder.

His latest best-selling book is called “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload.”

Daniel says we can handle less than what we’re currently being asked to handle, and in fact, there’s no truth to the myth that we only use 5 percent of our brains.

He explains how we can get out of this information overload trap. He shares simple tips for externalizing information that’s rattling around in our heads. And if you think you can handle things by multitasking, he’s got some bad news for you.

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