Joyce Carpati


When it comes to your age, do you ever get so caught up in the number that you start to lose sight of the opportunities before you right now? Instead of thinking in terms of how many years old you are, maybe we should start to think in terms of how many things we’ve been able to do.

Joyce Carpati has used her 82 years on Earth much more than others. She’s been an opera singer, marketing director for Cosmopolitan magazine, a wife and mom. She’s glamorous, witty and wise, and at 82, she’s still working as a beauty consultant.

She’s also in a documentary called Advanced Style, which focuses on fashionable older women. The “Goddess of Style,” as she’s known in some circles, joins us to discuss why she is enjoying every single day of life at 82.

She explains why she doesn’t believe in anti-aging products or why she uses her wallet to reject the idea of anti-aging products.

Joyce shares her makeup and style regime, including why she loves her gray hair.

Find out why she thinks the right attitude is the most powerful tool you need as you age. She also explains how, with Ari Seth Cohen, the founder of Advanced Style, she’s traveling around to speak to groups of women to help them embrace a positive attitude and how it’s changing lives.