Dr. Deborah German


There’s no question that this is a time of great change in our healthcare system, and one of the things that improves the experience and outcome for both patients and medical professionals is a focus on prevention. Doctors understand that keeping people out of their offices and hospitals is better for the system, both short-term and long, and America’s top medical schools are now actively working to teach students how to inspire, motivate and educate people of all ages to get healthy and stay healthy.

Dr. Deborah German is the Founding Dean of the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and also serves as UCF’s Vice President for Medical Affairs. She is personally passionate about the role that our lifestyles play in health, and shares with us the ways in which her industry has changed since she herself studied medicine at Harvard University, from focusing on disease and treating sickness to focusing on wellness and guiding them to prevention.

She leads by example, working out every morning before heading to campus, and has launched an informal program at the college called “1K a Day,” encouraging employees to walk 1,000 steps every day by walking a special route through the school building.

See how she and the UCF College of Medicine students are serving as role models and helping to shape the future of healthcare and patient care in America and beyond, plus why she says she can prove that no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to make a lifestyle change.