Dr. Jeffry Life


Have you seen the billboards featuring a shirtless older man only wearing jeans … and his ripped abs? Contrary to popular belief, those ads are not Photoshopped!

The man is the ads is 75-year-old Dr. Jeffry Life, who has become the poster child for super-fit aging. But he didn’t always look like this.

He was an overweight, run down, over-working doctor until he hit 60. Then he began to transform himself.

He’s now written the New York Times bestselling book, “The Life Plan Diet: Become Heart-Healthy, Recharge Your Sex Life and Make the Second Half of Your Life the Best Part of Your Life.” 

He shares what he learned about the hormone decline many of us experience as we age. He weighs in on the controversy surrounding testosterone and human growth hormone and what he believes now after 10 years of studying hormones. 

Plus, find out why he’s seen proof that it’s never too late to make lifestyle changes and why he’s a big believer in safe strength training for life. 

To learn more about his books, click here to visit DrLife.com.