Dr. Kenneth Cooper


Kenneth Cooper, M.D., is a pioneer of preventive medicine and the man who coined the term “aerobics” in his landmark book of the same name. Published in 1968, Aerobics, which has been translated into more than 40 languages, started nothing less than a global health and fitness revolution.

Cooper has written an additional 18 books, which have combined to sell more than 30 million copies. Over the last 50 years, he has lectured in more than 50 countries, inspiring millions to exercise for vibrant health.

Now 86, he’s still practicing what he preaches with daily workouts as his Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas and a commitment to healthy living. In fact, he has logged more than 38,000 miles running.

He offers his 8 tips for “Cooperizing” your health. Plus, he explains the tremendous impact his program has had on people with Parkinson’s disease.

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