Dr. Peter Weiss


What tops your list of worries? Chances are healthcare is at or very near the top of the list.

But maybe healthcare isn’t the answer. Maybe it’s actually making us less healthy.

That’s what one prominent physician thinks. In his new book, “More Health, Less Care: How to Take Charge of Your Medical Care and Write Your Own Personal Prescription for Lifelong Health,” Peter J. Weiss, M.D., argues that the healthier you make yourself, the less you’ll need healthcare.

He says our current system is designed to treat illnesses. The reason you’re getting more healthcare is because you’re sicker. But if you’re well, you shouldn’t need health care, Dr. Weiss says.

Even though we’re starting to see more policies prompting wellness, Dr. Weiss says this is so much more work to be done. He says he fears there are just too many vested interested designed to sell you healthcare, not health.

That means it’s up to YOU to get healthy.

Find out why he stepped away from actively practicing medicine to become a wellness evangelist. He says he understands that many physicians are in an unwinnable position. That’s why he’s trying to encourage changes in a thoughtful, polite way.

He breaks down the first steps we should all be taking in order to start promoting healthy living in our everyday lives. And he shares his thoughts on alternative medicine and why he believes modern medicine has turned away from tried and true practices.

For more information, visit his website drpeterjweiss.com.