Gregory Anne Cox


Note: Gregory is currently hosting the More Life Video Series. The series features interviews with 16 national experts including Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton and shares the secrets to living in health, joy and possibility at any age. This free online series run through Friday but the interviews will be available online for several more weeks. For more information:

She’s a wellness coach and life mentor with a specific set of skills that enables her to help people age with passion, vitality and happiness.

Gregory Anne Cox tells the bold truth — breaking the “rules” when necessary to fulfill her promise of being a health advocate — and she coaches people to help them find the right foods and lifestyle choices to keep Growing Bolder.

The author of Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans and Rebellious Wellness, Cox says that it’s a myth that we have to face disease, depression and discomfort. As time goes by, Cox says we all need to embrace the opportunities that still await.

One of the first female graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, Cox tells Growing Bolder that food can be medicine. Listen to what she says about whole, healthy, clean foods as well as her work to educate people on the ways to prevent heart disease and other illnesses.

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P.S. In this interview, Cox references Dr. Daniel Amen — listen to our interview with him here!