Gregory Carr


For most people, life is about making as much money as possible. But not Gregory Carr. He’s made a career out of giving it away! Well, he did have to earn it first.

It didn’t take him long. He graduated from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1986 and jumped into business as a technology-based entrepreneur. He co-founded Boston Technology and was CEO of the Internet giant, Prodigy. He cashed out in 1999 just before the dot com bubble burst and immediately decided that everything he gained through his business ventures were nothing more than a gateway to do what he really wants: to use his earnings and influence to foster human rights around the world.

He established the Gregory C. Carr Foundation, which began a variety of projects in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, its efforts are focused on Southern Africa where it is working with the government of Mozambique to protect, restore and reinvigorate the Gorongosa National Park. It’s just one of many reasons Greg Carr is one of the most interesting, innovative and effective philanthropic leaders today.