Philippe Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Philippe, is not only fulfilling his family’s environmental legacy, he’s inspiring a new generation himself to get involved in our planet’s future.

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Larry Schweiger

In his new book, “Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth,” National Wildlife Fund president and CEO Larry Schweiger breaks down the science of global climate change and explains how dire the consequences could be if the problems aren’t fixed.

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Bryan Welch

How often do you meet a highly educated writer who’s a goat farmer and a media executive? Bryan Welch is that guy. He explains why he’s optimistic that we humans can figure out ways to improve sustainability — without all the doom and gloom.

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Dr. Eli Kim

Did you know the people you surround yourself can be just as important to your health as the air you breathe? Find out how to change your environment and start living a healthier, longer life.

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Roz Savage

Eco-warrior Roz Savage is back from her solo boat trips across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and she’s launching a new project that helps all of us do one good green deed every day.

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Gregory Carr

He was one of the leaders of the technology boom in the ’90s, but these days he’s making a living out of giving money away and he’s passionate about making a difference.

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