Roz Savage


Eco-warrior Roz Savage is back from her solo boat trips across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and she’s launching a new project that helps all of us do one good green deed every day.

Roz is the first person to ever row solo across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. That means she was in her boat, rowing, for 11,000 miles — 8,000 in the Pacific and 3,000 in the Atlantic.

Why does she do it? She says for starters, it beats sitting in an office.

Ten years ago, Roz had what she describes as an early mid-life crisis. As an exercise, she wrote two versions of her obituary. One was how it would read if she died the next day. The other version was how she would want it to read.

She started making changes in her life immediately. She realized she was doing a job she didn’t like to buy stuff she didn’t need. So what was the point of that?

As she was having her personal epiphany, she also had an environmental epiphany. Not only was she off track, but so was the Earth.

Roz says she uses her ocean rowing adventures to raise awareness and spur action.

She explains how she’s come full circle and had a “cosmic moment” last year when she was in the middle of the ocean, looking up at the stars — she realized her fantasy obituary is coming true.

You’d think that would mean that she would start slowing down, but Roz keeps setting new, bigger goals.

She has two big rows planned for the next couple years, including one that will bring her up the Thames River in her home country just as the London Olympics are kicking off in 2012.

Plus, she’s just launched a new website, Roz says she wants to help people do one green deed every day. It can be as simple as saying no to a plastic bag or buying a water filter instead of a plastic water bottle.

The goal is to give people credit for the small things they do, rather than making them feel guilty about not doing big things like she does.

Plus, she’s turned the whole site into a social media game, allowing people to rack up points and connect with a community of green-doers around the world.

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