Philippe Cousteau


Last Updated on October 20, 2020

Have you ever felt like you were destined to do something? Or that there’s something out there that you really should be fighting for?

Philippe Cousteau may have been born into his destiny but he’s made it his mission to dedicate his life to protecting the environment. And he’s inspiring countless others to join him in doing the same.

Cousteau, the grandson of legendary eco-warrior Jacques Cousteau, has established himself as one of the most prominent leaders of the environmental movement. He is the host and producer of a show on FOX called Awesome Planet, he’s won awards for his specials on CNN, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, he’s written a number of books and is the founder of the non-profit organization EarthEcho International.

He talks to Growing Bolder about his grassroots campaign to bring the quality of water to the forefront of the public’s attention. He explains why incidences like what happened in Flint, Michigan, are sadly not isolated things.