Cyndi Lauper


Cyndi Lauper burst onto the scene as a wild and crazy pop character, defining the new era of MTV. Her song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun helped put the new network on the map and became an anthem for the ’80s. When the decade went away, Cyndi did not.

That’s because singing and creativity have always been her passions, not stardom. She’s taken risks, exploring her voice and her message as she reached out to other genres.

Over the years, she’s covered the standards; recorded dance songs; she wrote the incredibly successful Broadway musical Kinky Boots, which won six Tony Awards; she’s recorded a blues album; and now she’s taking what may be her biggest risk yet with Detour, her album of country classics.

In a free-wheeling, fascinating conversation with Growing Bolder, Cyndi tells us why being so unusual has been one of the greatest gifts of her life.