Larry Schweiger


In his new book, “Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth,” National Wildlife Fund president and CEO Larry Schweiger breaks down the science of global climate change, taking us from Lake Erie to the icebergs of Greenland and from Congress to America’s classrooms and farmlands.  

He explains what’s at stake for our planet, using the example of recent ecological events in Colorado that are already happening. 

Larry says it’s hard to overstate the threats we are creating for ourselves. He says it’s not all bad news, though: we have the tools to fix the problem, Larry says, but we need to all work on it together. 

He explains how dire the consequences could be if the problems aren’t fixed and the dramatic shifts we’re already seeing in places like California thanks to changes. 

Plus, find out his predictions for the future of the auto industry and what he’s learned from meeting with leaders in Detroit.