Harold Garde


Scientists, doctors and academics are proving every day that the creative spark can get stronger with each passing year. Harold Garde is living proof that great art knows no age limits.

He’d be a great artist at any age. His work hangs in museums from Florida to Wyoming to Houston and it’s collected by art lovers across the world.

And he just happens to be in his late 80s.

Harold is is in his studio nearly every day, creating new art. The painter says not only are the creative juices flowing, but he’s also getting support like he’s never received at any other point in his career.

Selling his art was never his motivation to start painting. Harold says he just wanted to express himself and painting allows him to face his demons and problems and really helps him figure out who he is.

Harold says there are countless things that can act as limiters in life, including age and even past successes. He says it’s when you learn to push beyond those limits that life (and his case, art) really starts to get interesting.

Find out why he has an unending desire to keep pushing forward with his work, his passions and most importantly, with his life.

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