The Art of Rebellion

Now in his mid-90s, world-renowned artist Harold Garde not only still paints daily in his home studio, he sees his work as the ultimate act of artistic rebellion. He explains to Growing Bolder why he refuses to paint for the galleries, collectors, shows or museums, but is instead focused on pleasing one person: himself. Listen to him speak passionately on the art of aging, society’s focus on legacies and the privilege he thinks every aging person deserves.

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89-Year-Old Artist Stops Traffic

Harold Garde is nearly 90 years old, yet his abstract paintings are more sought after than ever. A museum is displaying his largest piece ever in a big way. See how the man and his art are stopping traffic and rewriting the rules.

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Harold Garde

Harold Garde would be a great artist at any age. His work hangs in museums from Florida to Wyoming to Houston and it’s collected by art lovers across the world. But he just happens to be in his late 80s and he’s still creating new art every day.

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Pursue Your Passions

We’re highlighting the Growing Bolder philosophy through the stories of men and women who prove how great life can be when you’re bold enough to pursue your passions.

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Ageless Art: Harold Garde

If there’s anyone to hold up as an example of Growing Bolder, it’s Harold Garde. Now in his 80s, Harold has been painting for more than five decades. His creative process is stronger and better than ever, and his work will grab your attention.

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