Maggie Griffin


Maggie Griffin is one of the hottest personalities on TV, and it’s something that she never imagined would happen.

She’s the breakout star of her comedian daughter Kathy Griffin’s Emmy-winning TV show, “My Life on the D List” and now she’s an author. In her new memoir, “Tip It: The World According to Maggie Griffin,” she discussed her five decades of marriage, her life today and why she thinks Tip It is a good motto for life.

Maggie tells Growing Bolder that she started using the phrase “tip it” when she’d host parties featuring boxes of wine. As the wine started to run out, she’d tell people to tip the box to get more wine out, and a catchphrase was born.

Maggie says now she tries to tip as much as she can out of life.

“You get a little more laughs, a little more fun and a little more knowledge,” Maggie says.

Maggie reveals what Kathy was like a child and whether she always made her cringe as much as she does now. Plus, she reveals how much fun she’s in having in life, and how, at the age of 90, she keeps discovering new joys in life.

She also offers tips for living a more fulfilling life that any one, at any age can begin to embrace immediately.