Jim Karol


Jim Karol is recognized as one of the world’s foremost memory and brain training experts. He’s been voted the World’s Greatest Mentalist, has entertained millions in person and on “The Tonight Show,” “Ellen,” “The Howard Stern Show,” and TODAY. 

He was dubbed the Psychic Madman in 1990 when he publicly shared a dream he had about winning lottery numbers. Dozens played those numbers and won. His prediction cost the state of Pennsylvania more than $12 million, prompting officials to change the rules. 

His gift is a result of hard work. He’s spent years training his brain, memorizing more than 80,000 ZIP codes, every word in the Scrabble dictionary and the day of the week for every date since the beginning of the calendar.

Lately, he’s been sharing his amazing brain training secrets with wounded soldiers, autistic children and struggling students. That work has led him to become the official spokesman for the International Brain Research Foundation.

Jim explains how getting laid off from a steel mill left him adrift and with a lot of time on his hands. Eventually, he started doing card tricks and card shows. Then, at the age of 49, he started exercising on a bike because of some heart problems and he was so bored that he started memorizing things on flash cards, like decks of card, digits of Pi and countries. 

Eventually, he even “cured” himself of his heart problems. Now in his 60s, he says he feels like he’s stumbled upon the mental Fountain of Youth and he’s feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic than ever.

He reveals some simple games, tasks and activities anyone can start doing today to begin turning back the hands of time in your brain and possibly even ward off dementia or memory loss. 

Click here to visit Jim’s website and watch videos of him in action.