Pat Williams


Pat Williams is a member of the basketball Hall of Fame and one of the most successful executives in NBA history. He’s currently the executive vice president of the Orlando Magic.

He’s also one of America’s most in-demand motivational speakers and most prolific authors. He has more than 85 titles to his credit, including his latest, “Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret: The Power of a Lot of Little Things.”

Pat explains why he decided to write his third book on Coach John Wooden and what he finds so intriguing about the Wizard of Westwood. Find out what lessons you can take from Coach Wooden and apply to your life.

Now in his fourth year of battling multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, Pat updates us on his health today and what he’s learned about life during this fight. 

As he prepares to celebrate his 40th year as a published author, Pat also explains why he’s such a passionate writer and reader, often reading 7 or 8 books at a time. 

Pat shares his tips for discovering YOUR passion and talent and how it will carry you through your entire life. 

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