Valerie Ramsey


Valerie Ramsey knows a thing or two about reinventing yourself. 

She spent 30 years as a stay-at-home wife and mother, raising six children, before beginning a 15-year corporate career as public relations director for Pebble Beach Resorts at the age of 53. 

At 63, she was spotted by a Hollywood producer and that launched a successful modeling career.

In her 70s, she became a keynote speaker and an author. Her first book was called “Gracefully: Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age.” 

Now at 74, she has written her second book called “Creating What’s Next: Gracefully.”

She explains how to keep your eyes open for all the opportunities that are out there and learn to pounce on the ones that excite you. She shares her tips for finding your true passion and how to make it your life.

Find out how doing your homework can lead to big things. She shares her own story of how she re-entered the workplace after staying home for years, including taking computer classes at a community college and shadowing everyone in her company before finding her perfect fit.

Plus, wait until you hear about the obstacles she had to overcome, including cancer and a heart condition, on her road to a new life and why she never gave up. 

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