Mike Plante


If you’re like most of us, you’re probably dreaming of your next big trip now. Travel is the No. 1 leisure activity for Boomers, who spend $57 billion on leisure travel every year. 

One of the fastest growing trends in Boomer travel is adventure travel. Climbing, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, safaris and more are some of the hottest things to do these days on the road.

Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton recently traveled to Tanzania, Africa, for the Survivor Summit to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and he could not have done it without the experts at TravelCountry.com.

We check in with Travel Country owner Mike Plante to discuss the growing popularity of traveling abroad and discuss options for people of all interests and abilities. 

Find out why packing the right gear is secret to any successful trip. Plus, has it been a decade (or four!) since your last camping trip? Find out how the equipment has changed over the years. 

Where are travelers heading these days? He shares the surprising new destinations that are growing in popularity. 

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