Dr. Nancy Simpkins


Nancy Simpkins, M.D., is a board certified internist, a women’s health expert and a medical advisor to the state of New Jersey. 

We all want to be healthier, we all want to eat better, but there are so many different opinions out there from so-called experts, from medical professional and from researchers that it gives people an excuse to throw their hands up in frustration and continue on with their less-than-healthy lifestyles. 

Dr. Simpkins says the time for excuses has passed. For starters, she runs down the list of reasons why no one should be smoking anymore. She lists the numbers of resources available to quit smoking and points to the proven medical consequences of continuing to do it. 

Plus, find out why she wants you to eat now for the person you want to be later. Find out how to remove the five offending foods from your everyday diet and learn to enjoy them in moderation instead. 

And what about coffee? Do you need to give it up? She has good news for most coffee lovers. Find out who the exceptions are. 

Have you had your thyroid checked? She explains why this is necessary as we age.