Mike King

Learn how four brothers used their shared experiences to come up with a bold idea to make a big difference in the lives of cancer survivors that not only inspires people but shows what’s possible when you’re willing to make the climb.

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Mike Plante

Travel is the No. 1 leisure activity for Boomers, who spend $57 billion on leisure travel every year. One of the fastest growing trends in Boomer travel is adventure travel. Find out what you need to know before setting off on your own adventure.

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Virginia Savage

Rock climbing, yoga practitioner, hiker and sports psychologist Virginia Savage says she has learned an important lesson through her many adventures — you don’t have to overcome your fears, just learn how to move through them. Learn more.

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Hitchhiking In America Today

Have you ever wanted to really experience America? Writer Colin Flaherty did so he quit his job and traveled cross-country for a year. He did it all relying on his thumb — hitchhiking the entire way. He shares stories from the road.

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Rita Golden Gelman

Should high school seniors put off college for a year to go travel the world? That’s what one woman, who has spent 24 years traveling the globe, thinks, and she’s hoping to start a national movement.

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