Hitchhiking In America Today


Colin Flaherty is a grandparent, a PR guru to major corporations, an accomplished journalist and writer, and he’s not afraid to take a risk in pursuit of adventure.

In his 50s, he sold everything and moved to Colorado to teach snowboarding. When the snow melted, he sold his car and decided he wanted to see America, one hitched ride at a time.

In his new book, “From Redwood to Deadwood: Hitchhiking in America Today,” he writes about what he discovered about America and the state of hitchhiking in our nation. What happened to something that was once a rite of passage and a major element of the 1960s?

He described whether he was frightened to embark on this adventure, whether he ever had any close calls and what people thought of a 53-year-old hitchhiker.

He reveals some of the surprising people who picked him up (such as moms on their way to Little League games) and tells us the most astonishing thing he saw on his trip.

Plus, wait until you hear how he ended up on a giant marijuana plantation in California!