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Kay Glynn is one of the most unusual grandmothers on planet. She is a 58-year-old grandmother of four and just may be the greatest all-around masters track and field star competing today.

For more than 30 years, she held the Iowa state record in the long jump. After excelling in high school, she took 30 years off from competition to raise her family.

Then, at the age of 48, she started competing in masters track and field events and the records started falling again.

She now holds multiple world records in masters events, and she never stops trying to push herself to new limits.

This past summer, Kay competed in four premiere events — the USATF Masters Combined Events Championships in Dallas, the National Senior Games of America in Houston, the USATF National Masters Outdoor Championships in Ohio and the World Masters Track and Field Championships in Sacramento.

Over those six weeks, Kay won 18 gold medals and set a world record and a national record.

She explains how she affords to travel and compete in all these events and what she thinks of a video of her impressive warm-up routine that went viral this summer (click here to watch that video).

Plus, she reveals the secrets of her nearly 40-year marriage, why she loves living in Iowa and how she’s made some great new friends in the world of masters sports.

This story is a part of our  Fountain of Youth® series in partnership with the National Senior Games Association.

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