Virginia Savage


Virginia Savage has a Ph.D. in sports psychology and she has worked with men and women of all ages and abilities learn how to maximize their potential in all areas of life.

She’s someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

She’s an accomplished rock climber, a long-distance swimmer and yoga practitioner. She has bicycled solo 2,700 miles from Nova Scotia to Florida and she recently set off on a 230-mile trek in Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Virginia says that was the one feat she’s never accomplished fully. She “only” walked 100 miles of it but she says that experience taught her more than her many accomplishments. She says she learned it’s not always the achievment of things but in the effort we put in.

She talks about what makes us great at sports or even life in genera and what characteristics do we need. Find out what rock climbing has taught her about only seeing the limitations and not going beyond them.

It’s a lesson she learned the hard way when she fell 60 feet on her knees during a climb, which left her with one leg broken in more than a hundred places. She explains what that experience taught her about survival and learning to move through fear, not overcome it.

Virginia also reveals her interesting philosophy on decade birthdays and why she sees them as opportunities to live adventurously for a year.