Jump to Smash Stereotypes


What lengths would you go to to follow your dreams? Maybe a better question is — are you ready to take a leap? A big one? Secily Wilson has the story of the daring dive one woman took that we think will inspire you.

Meet Gila Svirsky who traveled to Nepal to take the 520-foot plunge, the highest jump in Asia. She and her fellow daredevils — all in their 20s and 30s except Gila, who was 64 — had to walk across a long, swinging footbridge that hangs over a wild river just to get to the jump site. 

Watch her take the leap of a lifetime and found out what word she mouthed to herself when her nerves nearly got the best of her on the ledge.  

After you watch our story, click here to visit Gila’s YouTube channel and watch her entire video.