Joan Kron


Joan Kron didn’t start writing until she was in her 40s and that was 40 years ago. She originated the fashion beat for the Wall Street Journal, helped create the Home section for the New York Times and is now a beauty editor at Allure, covering plastic surgery.

Now 83, Joan still works seven days a week. She explains how she’s overcome the age bias in her industry, one obsessed with youth. Joan says one of the most important things she does is to surround herself with young people. Since her readers are primarily between the ages of 25 an 45, she says she has to know what they’re thinking about and interested in.

She also isn’t ashamed to admit that there’s something else she does to stay youthful — plastic surgery. She says we live in an appearance-based society, yet so many people are afraid to admit that they care about their appearance.

She explains her journey to plastic surgery and how it’s made her into one of the top non-M.D. experts in the world. She wrote about her own experiences and the plastic surgery business in her book, “Lift.”

Find out why she’s such a fan of plastic surgery and why she also thinks she’ll never retire from her career.

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