Joan Price


Part of Growing Bolder is being able to talk about anything. Even sex! When Joan Price wrote “Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex,” she knew she might get some raised eyebrows. Even Joan admits that many of us were raised to not talk about intimacy at any age, and certainly not over the age of 50.

But she’s determined to battle against what she calls ageism — and wants to battle stereotypes that people over 50 are asexual or even uninterested in sexual relationships, and make it less taboo to talk about our needs.

Do men have an easier time than women? Does body image play a role in misconceptions about relationships after 50? Joan talks about the power of touch, what it takes to change our own minds (and then change the minds of others) why she thinks that sex can be be better at 60 than at 20!