Mark Pitstick


For more than 30 years, Mark Pitstick has thought about, studied and investigated the existential questions that keep many of us awake at night. Why are we here? Is there an afterlife? Is there a God? If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world?

He researched holistic, scientific, religious and spiritual evidence in his quest for answers.

Now he’s collected his compelling data in the documentary and book “Soul Proof.”

Pitstick, who has spent decades training in and working in hospitals, mental health centers, and pastoral counseling settings, says he was motivated to seek out these answers after working with dying and suffering children. He said it was so heartbreaking to watch, particularly children who suffered at the hands of adults, and he realized he could either become callous or decide once and for all to make some sense of God.

He started meditating and visiting every church and spirtual center he could find. He attended seminars, he spent weeks working with psychiatrists and interviewed people everywhere about their experiences.

Pitstick shares what he’s discovered about the possibility of an afterlife and what he believes now after compiling what he calls irrefutable evidence.