Joe DeSena


Joe DeSena is a man whose life is full of extremes and contradictions. He can’t feel good, unless he feels bad. He can’t relax unless he’s pushing himself to unimaginable lengths. 

These days, he’s a little unsettled unless he can ruffle your feathers, too!

He’s a living, breathing, running example that even if we believe with all our heat we’re doing as much as we can and pushing as hard as we can, we’re all capable of so much more.

Joe is an ultramarathoner, endurance racer and Ironman triathlete who seeks out and competes in the toughest events he can find. Even those events weren’t tough enough so he invented one of his own — the Spartan Race. 

Joe describes what the Spartan Races are like and how it’s a mental and physical challenge that’s inspired by what our military men and women go through.

He’s also written a new book called “Spartan Up.”  

Find out how these races are more than just events for him, they’re a lifestyle.  

Click here to visit Joe’s website to learn more about the book and to see videos of Spartan Races.